24 hour Sale!

Hey you guys! Surprise flash 24 hour sale. Over the past few weeks I have been ordering clothes like crazy. Of course a few of them did not fit as I would like so…. away they must go. All of the items still have their tags on and have NEVER been worn out. Check it out.

**Please Note: To purchase an item you must have the Cash App or Venmo App! All Sales are final! Thanks! ❤


From: BooHoo USA

Lydia Quilted Sleeve Faux Leather Biker Jacket: XL ( runs small) – $30.00

Plus Grace Strappy Detail Jumpsuit: Size 12 – $20.00


From: Fashion Nova


Always Leaving Jeans- Medium Wash: Size 13 ( runs small) – $25.00

Fashion Forward Christian: Sarah Jakes Roberts

The church and fashion. This can be a tricky topic. Some believe that the bare minimum means they are closer to holiness and fulfilling the call to be modest. While, others have no problem blinging out, heels to the sky, hair/brow SLAYED and giving God all the glory! Then there are those like me that fall smack in the middle. I love a fabulous outfit honey but I am not one to be glammed up all of the time. One particular woman of God who’s fashion sense I absolutely love is none other than Sarah Jakes Roberts.


Mrs. Roberts’s style is modest yet elegant. Effortless looking! Her stylist, who goes by the name @iamhdiddy has her killing the game. Who would have thought a woman who loves God could actually look amazing doing it? Sometimes it seems as though some people want us to carry their struggles with them or even for them at times. Twisting scripture and forcing cultural laws on women who genuinely honor God with their whole lives. Women who sincerely just want to feel and look as good on the outside as they do on the inside.


Well the first lady of One Church LA, Mrs. Sarah Jakes Roberts is breaking the stereotype of what a “Christian Woman” or even First Lady for that matter is supposed to look like. She is not afraid to take “religious fashion” risks. She stands on the foundation of her authentic relationship with God. She rocks pants, jewels, pumps, various hairstyles, handbags and other accessories.


You see the freedom of fashion as a Christian comes from knowing your place, your position, your value in Christ. It’s not based, or at least should not be based on the opinions of others or on cultural standards. In actuality, this is the foundation that keeps you from being immodest. Your ultimate judge is Christ. Meaning, Am I representing Christ well?  I love the scripture that says, ” Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” – Proverbs 4:23 & Luke 6:45.  If Christ truly dwells in our hearts and the Holy Spirit has his home on the inside of us. Then, that is what shines through on the outside as well.

FullSizeRender (3)

Personally, I love to see a follower of Christ dressed outside of the “norm”. You’ve seen them before… The guy with a hoodie, dreads and jeans. The girl with multi colored hair and bold lipstick. The glammed up sister who if needed, takes off her heels to sit in the grass and encourage someone. Or even the brother, whose has well manicured hands, clean cut, nice J.Crew sweater and slacks who will go to war in prayer for any one in need. Yes, all of those fashion statements- all of them with hearts owned by God.

Step outside of what you think Christians are supposed to look. Jesus was the farthest looking person from a king. Yet, indeed he is the King of Kings. David certainly did not look like he was the one to slay a giant. Yet out of an entire army of well trained and well dress soldiers;  it was a boy, his sling and the anointing of the Almighty God over and in him that conquer Goliath.

I don’t know about you but I am so thankful that God looks on the inside of man and reviews the content of his heart rather than the clothes he wears. Whether I am dressed in sweats with holes in them or dolled up with a full beat face and pumps. My heart belongs to God. Hope yours does too!

Love Ya to Peace,
Faith. Loves

** Photos taken from Instagram/sarahjakesroberts. All image rights belong to Sarah Jakes Roberts. 

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Logo 2016

Holy Grail Primers- Oily Skin!


Summer, Summer, Summertime! Ya’ll remember that song by Fresh Prince ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff? That song will NEVER go out of style! Anyways, ladies we surely want to look flawless ALL Day in our make up. Unfortunately for some of us, we have buckets of oil that pour out of our faces. -______-  Not The Business!  No fear, I’ve inquired some secrets from my go to Make Up Artist, Ms. Erline Louigene aka INNERBEAUTYOUTEL Yassss!!! While prepping for my recent photo shoot on a rather steaming Spring day. She filled me in on primers to keep a sister together. Even if you just want to throw on concealer and foundation or if you are going for a full on glam face. These primers will do the hard work of keeping you shine free as long as possible.


(products are linked to webpages for purchase, if needed)
  1. MAC Charge Water $25.00
  2. MAC Marine- Bright Softening lotion $29.00
  3. Becca- Matte Poreless Priming Perfector  $36.00 ( Use Only In Your Oily- est Zones)
  4. L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Skin Smoother  $17.97 ( Use Only In Your Oily- est Zones)
  5. Dr. Brandt Pore No More- Pore Refiner  $22.00 (Use Only in the Perimeter of the Face)
  6. NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray  $8.00 ** Dubs as primer and setting spray

Now of course the smart thing to do would be to use a Matte foundation along with these primers. *** Quick tip: Less Is More! For oily skin especially during the warmer months no need to pack on products. Try light foundations, compact powders or if you go it like that go for a BB cream! ***  Lately on a day to day basis I have been using the Milani Pressed Powder  $7.00 and some concealer. Quick, Easy & Simple!

I hope you guys check out some of these products. If you do, let me know how you like them. Some of them are a bit pricey, but if you shop at Sephora then you know you can get a sample of almost everything! LOL! Hallelujah! Can’t wait to hear back from you all.

Love Ya to Peace,
Faith. Loves

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Fabulous on a Budget

Hola Loves!

I recently decided that I was long over due for a fabulous photo shoot. So I booked it! However, finding a cute outfit would prove to be a bit of a challenge. See, I am in the middle of my weight loss journey and my body is all out of wack… lol. Would you know that I ordered several outfit online and hated every one of them?! AHH!! So this outfit that you see here was purchased the night before the shoot. And was purchased right there in my “hood” for less than $20 and the accessory piece were from my closet!

Check out the details below and let me know what you think!

Super S/O to the dopest photographer in the TriState Area @DexterityProductions! It was my first time working with him and it was so much fun. He is very professional and patient. Ya’ll should know I do not have a model bone in my body but he sure made it look that way. 🙂  And of course much love to the amazing self taught make- up artist @Innerbeautyoutel.

Be sure to book them for your next event!

Jumpsuit- $15.99 (10 Spot) (Similar Romper HERE)
Hat- $5.99 (Rainbow Stores)


Reflector Sunglasses- $9.99 (Fashion Nova)
Shoes- Wedge Sandals: $19.99 (Charlotte Russe) No Longer Available



Award Season Pt I – Golden Globes

Ahhh. Well Award season is upon us. The fab of the fabulous is gearing up for greatness, I hope! Now,  I don’t care too much for the actual shows but I AM HERE FOR THE FASHION! Of course no matter what I still hold true to my modest fashion beliefs so not everyone who has been deems amazing at this years  #GoldenGlobes made my personal list. But there was a stand out FAB of the night for me. It will be extremely obvious who that is. Check it out below!


Janelle Monae
I have yet to see her have a fashion flop. She is always on point. I mainly love her because she actually stays true to her style. The ever classic black and white. The crazy thing is, her attire is NEVER boring. This custom #Armani dress is perfect for the #HiddenFigures star!


Guliana Rancic

Guliana looked amazing in this #Ranizakhem Ready to Wear gown. It was slightly modifies from its runway look which has long sleeves and no belt. You know now that I think about it – florals were a thing at this show.  Everyone who rocked #flowerpower looked good so I guess I’ll roll with it.


Angela Bassett

Okay, in all seriousness… What is she doing to look like this??? I may be a little bold in saying this but she almost..almost out did everyone else at the #GoldenGlobes this year. Yass!! I’m here for this #ChristianSiriano gown. Ya’ll remember Christian from #ProjectRunway Season 4, right?  Wait, is he the only one to actually go big after that show? He is the only one that I hear or see regularly. Anyway, love this look!

And drum roll please……………

Although there were many others that worked it at the globes yesterday, Mrs. Kerry Washington SLAYED! E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E  Period! Take a look


This customized #DolceGabbana dress just took everyone else off the list. The intricate floral detailing, the jewel embellishments on the cap sleeves, the fab brioche used as a waist detail in the front and of course the #SophiaWebster sandals. Just YES! Yes to it all.

I could not forget about the face. While majority of folks went with the low makeup/no makeup look. My girl Kerry stunned with her natural glam. Makeup Artist #CarolaG @CarolaGMakeup on #Instagram deserves an award for this look. Perfection! The hair added to the completion of the look too. Takisha (@Takishahair) did a great job.

  • Lippie- Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lip Shine: Velvet Wine



Hope you all enjoyed my little recap of the Golden Globes Red Carpet fashion. Let me know what you think in the comments. I know I missed a few folks. We can chat in the comments!

Love Ya to Peace,

Faith. Loves

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Classic LBD (Little Black Dress)

I believe that by now you all know I have a teeny tiny obsession with all things pink. Okay who am I kidding? I LOVE all things pink and glittery! I’m probably ultimate girly girl. However, you would never know this if you looked in my closet. About 75% of my clothes are black. Black clothes to me are just classy and simple. They provide the WOW factor with minimal effort. I especially have keen eye for a poppin’ LBD ( little black dress). Although it seems I have a pricey eye, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to pull off a similar look. Check out this outfit I put together!


This sold out David Koma leather hair calf strapped dress is simply stunning. Unfortunately for us budgestnistas it’s way out of our price range. Coming in at a whopping $1,395.00! OUCH! But don’t worry. I have found a semi-similar dress for a price much more kind to our handbags. Lord & Taylor has a Ralph Lauren Faux Leather Sheath Dress – On sale for $131.19. Duster Jackets have certainly become a hot trend this year. This particular duster is a bit steep as well at $681. But again, I’ve got you boo. MissGuidedUS has a similar long duster for just $59.50.

Let’s talk about accessories! The watch is a fabulous Olivia Burton- Winter Garden Floral print Big Dial watch. This watch retails for $115.00. For a timeless piece like this, I would foot the bill but these days it is wise to save ALL  your coins honey! JCPenny’s has a close dup for just $18.99. Their Black Rose Gold Floral Dial watch is available on their website now. The next accessory is a Maison Margiela gunmetal -glitter finished leather wallet. This baddie retails for $292. However, Target has a clutch that is close in both style and color. Their Shimmer Stone Clutch is only $29.99.

Lastly, my FAVORITE part of any outfit. Have I mentioned to you all that I dress from the shoes up. I think the shoes can make or break any outfit. Well,  I’m sure you recognized these shoes – So Kate from Christian Louboutin for $565. These aren’t exactly dups but I think they will go perfectly with our outfit. I’ve found that the Steve Madden Valko Reptile Pump– $59.95 at DSW will work just a nice as the Loubs.

Fall into Autumn

My FAVORITE time of year is approaching!! I absolutely love the Fall! The weather is perfect. The colors of nature are gorgeous. All the heart warming, family gathering, loving holidays are nearing. Its just perfect! Oh and how can I forget the Fashion? Comfy & Fabulous!

Lets Start with my obsession: SHOES!
So if you didn’t know, now you will. Every Tuesday at Charlotte Russe is Shoe Tuesday. Most, if not all of their shoes are on sale. Cute & Affordable!. Check out a few sweet picks for this coming season below.


One of the things I have come to LOVE as a Christian woman striving to dress modestly are CARDIGANS! Praise God for a Fabulous cardigan. For those of us with curves that could care less about not driving our brothers or sisters into lust and jealous, etc. we have to tame them. LOL! They are so versatile. You can dress them up or down. Hanging out with friends,  at work, church, school and even a date night. A cute stylish sweater is my go to! Here are some samples from Forever XXI

For those days that are particularly crisp, that means it is time for …Jackets! There are two staples that will likely never go out of style; the denim jacket and the bomber jacket. Check out a couple pieces now available at Charlotte Russe!

If you noted, all of these items are staple pieces. Meaning they are must haves for the entire season. You will be able to pair them with anything you currently have. So don’t stuff all those summer maxi dresses, concert tees, midi dresses etc away just yet. You can still rock them into the Fall season. Pair that Midi dress with some leggings, a peep toe bootie and long cardigan. And you are golden! Or throw on some jeans, that concert tee, bomber jacket and a pair of cute funky flats. Personally I’m not that into accessories, but you can always get a satchel with fringe ❤ or clutch purse to store all your on- the – go goodies. I think a light fedora style hat would go great with the midi dress outfit. There are many ways to rock what you’ve got for each season and not break the bank to stay current. Hope you all enjoyed my take on Fall attire. Love Ya to Peace!