The Good Father

When my nephew Jas was a new born he would sleep in my room in his little bassinet. He would wake up every 2 hours for a feeding and diaper change. And I would oblige. As he got bigger there were nights where he simply would not sleep and I would stay up with him.... Continue Reading →

Metamorphosis of a Wife to be

I had this fantasy idea about he process of preparing for marriage. I was gonna partner with God on things I need to get in order. You know work on my debts, start saving a bit more, praying more fervently for my future husband and family, etc. Then God would see my work in conjunction... Continue Reading →

Style Profile: J.Bolin

When we first encounter God we meet him as the Creator. He thought of the sky, the sun, the earth and all that is in it and spoke them into existence. Then he thought "Let us make man in our likeness" and with his hand he formed man and breathed life into him. I love... Continue Reading →

Newly Single… Now What?

Girl Talk! You know, cause I love ya'll or whateva.. (I'm still a G tho..LOL) Freedom from the Relationship View this as God's protection of you because it really is just that! We have got to get a very clear understanding that while God hates what we may do, he always has and forever will... Continue Reading →

Let Freedom Reign

Let's just dive on in. If you are struggling with lust, fornication, sexual identity, homosexuality, drunkenness, lying, anger, bitterness etc. There is hope. There is something better... someone greater. His name is Jesus. John 14:6- Jesus answered, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life... In case no one has ever mentioned it to... Continue Reading →

Vacation Woes: Left and Forsaken

I am fresh back home from an Awesome Sauce trip to Mexico. My college friends have tied the knot in a breathtaking beach front wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. Along with all the beauty of the resort was the company. This was the first time in YEARS that most of my college friends have gotten... Continue Reading →

Faithful to Trust

Every so often. It is really good to step back, quiet yourself, free yourself from distractions and just review. Review life, your thought processes, emotions and values. I have done just that and let me tell you, it surely was eye opening! One of the biggest revelations for me came from fasting. I've struggled with... Continue Reading →

Holy Grail Primers- Oily Skin!

Summer, Summer, Summertime! Ya'll remember that song by Fresh Prince ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff? That song will NEVER go out of style! Anyways, ladies we surely want to look flawless ALL Day in our make up. Unfortunately for some of us, we have buckets of oil that pour out of our faces. -______- ┬áNot The... Continue Reading →

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