Style Profile: J.Bolin

When we first encounter God we meet him as the Creator. He thought of the sky, the sun, the earth and all that is in it and spoke them into existence. Then he thought “Let us make man in our likeness” and with his hand he formed man and breathed life into him. I love how he said “let us make man in our likeness” because this explains where some people get their incredible and extraordinary creative visions from. How some folks can visualize something and then bring it to life. People like Jason Bolin aka Stylist J.Bolin!


Now, if you have been living under a rock somewhere let me introduce you to main man shaking up the fashion industry AND the Christian world as well. That’s right J.Bolin is a bold follower of Christ. He loves the Lord Jesus and is nowhere near shy about it! Amen!

Mr. Bolin  is not new to this, he is true to this fashion game. He began his career as a self taught stylist well over 10 years ago in Mississippi. And he has certainly worked hard and applied much faith to become the top fashion stylist to the elites of our generation. His most recent successes include his viral styling of singer Michelle Williams and Pastor Sarah Jakes-Roberts. Of course he has worked with so many others such as; Erica Campbell, Pat Smith, Morris Chestnut (yasss),  Dwight Howard and Ms. Nina Jacobson producer of the Hunger Games and Golden Globe winner (he was her stylist that evening!)  and the list could go on.


There are two things that I absolutely love about J.Bolin. Well, there are more than that but I’ll just share my top two with you. First, his boldness in regard to color and textures. This is the sign of a true creative mind. He is not afraid to mix vibrant reds, oranges, blues and yellows. Prints and solids, feathers and satin. He ties them together in such an effortless manner that I often think to myself; now why didn’t I think to put something like that together? In a time where anyone who can color block is a “fashion guru” Mr. Bolin is revitalizing.

Secondly, what I like is that he WANTS to encourage and teach others how to get to where he is! Now that is the real sign of being in the likeness of God. Wanting to uplift others not just in words but by investing time and energy into their success. He has recently launch The J.Bolin Fashion Bootcamp where a select group of people get to learn the tools of the industry and tips on how to build their businesses and brands. He also can be seen on various panels across the country inspiring and supporting small fashion business owners.


Listen, I could go on for days but I think you should check him out for yourself. Follow him on Instagram at Stylistjbolin And visit his website
Bonus: He has an online shop on his website as well! Score!!

Take a look at some of his work!
Love Ya to Peace,


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