Newly Single… Now What?

Girl Talk! You know, cause I love ya’ll or whateva.. (I’m still a G tho..LOL)

  • Freedom from the Relationship

View this as God’s protection of you because it really is just that! We have got to get a very clear understanding that while God hates what we may do, he always has and forever will LOVE us! The Word says that we are precious and honored in his sight. He will give others in exchange for us. He calls us by name we are HIS. (Book of Isaiah 43)

He is jealous over us. And our good God will stop at nothing to get our attention and help us turn back to him. Even to the extent of breaking our hearts from sin and a destructive future. Remember, the future God has planned is filled with prosperity and hope. So go on ahead and cry it out for a day or two but then you’ve got to realize and come back to true love… God.


  • Filling the Void

God did NOT set you free from the last guy simply for you to have a “breather” and then to jump into the next relationship. The point is not to go find another to fill the void. God is the ONLY one that can fill the void you feel in your heart and spirit. Not another random guy, not drinking or partying, not the “glow up” from hitting the gym. None of it will fill the void. Sure you can experience happiness but it temporary. But the #glowup that God provides is everlasting.

I say this often,  the enemy has done a great job making us believe that being single is wrong and a depressing/boring season. That is such a lie! The thing is, the relationship he does not what you to have and focus on is your relationship with God. He know THAT relationship will shut him down. That you will actually experience Joy and not just temporary happiness. True love and not just physical lust. Purpose and not just wandering and “going with the flow”.


Girl listen, God said “seek me and my righteousness and everything you need will be given to you” (Matthew 6:33) Nowhere did he say seek a man. Nope! Not in the Word at all. In him is  where everything you need can be found. In him you lack NADA! Meaning, when there is a need for you to help a man, when you need to extend your help to a man God will provide him. Being single lets you examine yourself. What do you bring to the table? What can you help this man accomplish? Look, you don’t have to go hunting for BAE. God will provide him. Which leads me to my next point…

  • Modesty

We all like to look cute. We all wanna SLAY ALL DAY! And I for one am HERE for it Honey! But, the real Queen knows that you don’t need to show your breast, thighs, stomach, butt etc to be beautiful or to get attention. You can be fully clothed and “break necks”.  And I’m not talking about bodycon dresses either -___- ( Those have their place and can be styled appropriately) Be appropriate Sis! Bathing suits are for the water not the mall.

Look, how about this. Ask yourself some questions as you pick your outfit for the day or event.

  1.  Why do I want to wear this particular item? * Be Honest- its just you and God.
  2. Would I be comfortable to wear this in the presence of God. I’m not talking about church. I mean literally if God summoned you, would you be comfortable to stand before him in that outfit.
  3. Would Jesus wanna send me to help someone in this or would I possibly be a stumbling block/distraction to the work Christ wants to get done?

You don’t have to wear a trash bag but you also don’t need to wear a shoe string as an outfit either. I mean,  lets be all the way real. We think this stuff anyway. We know exactly the reaction we will get with certain outfits. Let’s stop pretending like “well, you suppose to be focused on God not what I’m wearing” -_______-  Sis, yes you are absolutely right. However, since we still in this flesh and our eyes see errthang. We can’t help but look and guys can’t help but see and think. The flesh is real the Word even says “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”.

Love, you are so much more than body parts and curves. Don’t get too caught up in all that.

Modesty, Modesty

  • Focus

The Word say that we have purpose. We each are called here on earth for a purpose by God. Let’s focus on that. What skills, talents, gifts do you have? How can you glorify God with them? How can you help the next generation avoid some of your stumbling blocks, hurts and errors?

Listen you are the favor, boo. (Proverbs 18:22)  You’re the blessing. Act like it! Know who you are. Anyone cannot have you. Anyone cannot touch you. Anyone cannot have full view of you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Act like it! Know who you are and who’s you are!! Let’s focus on God and trust that he will do what he said and work all things for our good.


Love Ya to Peace,
Faith. Loves

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