Who We Are

This past week I have witnessed something that has absolutely broken my heart. And I imagine that it would break God’s heart even more. I heard  and saw snippets of people who profess to be followers of Christ, children of God engage in a vicious and demeaning debate. An argument that in no way, shape or fashion benefited the body of Christ nor those whom we are suppose to serve.  I’ll be honest, it disturbed me to my core. No less than a 4 days later a prominent Bishop passes away and again the comments on social media about this man are nothing short of  pure wickedness.

Its time for those who say they are apart of the body to act like it. There is not one… I repeat not one being on this earth that has not sinned. Jesus Christ was the only man to live completely blameless. All followers should remember this. Furthermore, what if God counted forever the sins of those before us? What if God kept it against Abraham for having Ishmael even though he was promised Issac? What if God kept is against David for committing adultery with Bathsheba and then topping it off  by murdering her husband. So If God can forgive them, then WHAT or WHO are we to keep count of sins of others?

I say all of this to say, we are the example for the world. We are the light and the salt of the earth. (Matthew 5:13-16)  That is part of what God has called us to be. How then are we shedding light for those in darkness when on a given day they can hop on Social Media and see not only bickering among us but vile and demeaning language and attitudes? What taste are we giving to encourage those who are lost and broken to come and taste of the Lord themselves and see how good he is? (Psalm 34:8) How can we focus on any task that the Father gives to us when many are distracted by petty and insignificant arguments? The Word of God tells us not to engage in civilian affairs. (2 Timothy 2:4)  Debating about politics or a persons sins or even the Word itself is of no value. The truth will always be truth. It does not need a lawyer or judge because it is the ultimate Judge.

It is vitally important that the body stand firm and focused. Especially in this day and age. Have ya’ll read Revelations and then took a look at all that is going on today?  Listen, this is not the time to fall apart. If anything, this is time for even more fruits of the spirit, even tighter armor, and a keen focus on the will of God. I love  you all and I pray that we all keep loving one another.

Love Ya to Peace,


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