Happy 28th Birthday to Me!

Well, it’s Thanksgiving and….. my Birthday! Whoohoo!

I am so thankful to God to see another birthday! At prayer service last night, among all the prayers we did there was an opportunity to pray for ourselves. I found myself in full blown tears. I mean the UGLY cry!. Not because I was sad or frustrated or hurt but because I am so grateful that God saw me and saw fit to rescue me and use me. I thought about the past 28 years ( as much as I could remember). How God was present at all times. I especially broke down when I remembered 2010 when literally, I heard God speak clearly to me for the first time. How our relationship has grown over the years. I also remembered and actually I’m happy for all the challenges and tests that WE , yes, God and I got through. How they have shaped me into the woman I am today and will continue to develop the woman I will become in the future.

So today I not only celebrate because its the day I was born but I celebrate God’s plan taking action.

Yasssssss, Lord! You did an amazing job on this creation….lol. You looked at the world and thought, it needs a Cherrell. You created me in your image and set a number of key traits within me. You continue to mold, restore, reassure me by your Word and Holy Spirit. We have a special relationship that absolutely CANNOT be compared to any other. And your glory will be made know through me. Thank you God!

Cheers to 28 and the next many…many birthdays!

~Cherrell ❤


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