Classic LBD (Little Black Dress)

I believe that by now you all know I have a teeny tiny obsession with all things pink. Okay who am I kidding? I LOVE all things pink and glittery! I’m probably ultimate girly girl. However, you would never know this if you looked in my closet. About 75% of my clothes are black. Black clothes to me are just classy and simple. They provide the WOW factor with minimal effort. I especially have keen eye for a poppin’ LBD ( little black dress). Although it seems I have a pricey eye, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to pull off a similar look. Check out this outfit I put together!


This sold out David Koma leather hair calf strapped dress is simply stunning. Unfortunately for us budgestnistas it’s way out of our price range. Coming in at a whopping $1,395.00! OUCH! But don’t worry. I have found a semi-similar dress for a price much more kind to our handbags. Lord & Taylor has a Ralph Lauren Faux Leather Sheath Dress – On sale for $131.19. Duster Jackets have certainly become a hot trend this year. This particular duster is a bit steep as well at $681. But again, I’ve got you boo. MissGuidedUS has a similar long duster for just $59.50.

Let’s talk about accessories! The watch is a fabulous Olivia Burton- Winter Garden Floral print Big Dial watch. This watch retails for $115.00. For a timeless piece like this, I would foot the bill but these days it is wise to save ALL  your coins honey! JCPenny’s has a close dup for just $18.99. Their Black Rose Gold Floral Dial watch is available on their website now. The next accessory is a Maison Margiela gunmetal -glitter finished leather wallet. This baddie retails for $292. However, Target has a clutch that is close in both style and color. Their Shimmer Stone Clutch is only $29.99.

Lastly, my FAVORITE part of any outfit. Have I mentioned to you all that I dress from the shoes up. I think the shoes can make or break any outfit. Well,  I’m sure you recognized these shoes – So Kate from Christian Louboutin for $565. These aren’t exactly dups but I think they will go perfectly with our outfit. I’ve found that the Steve Madden Valko Reptile Pump– $59.95 at DSW will work just a nice as the Loubs.

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