Fall into Autumn

My FAVORITE time of year is approaching!! I absolutely love the Fall! The weather is perfect. The colors of nature are gorgeous. All the heart warming, family gathering, loving holidays are nearing. Its just perfect! Oh and how can I forget the Fashion? Comfy & Fabulous!

Lets Start with my obsession: SHOES!
So if you didn’t know, now you will. Every Tuesday at Charlotte Russe is Shoe Tuesday. Most, if not all of their shoes are on sale. Cute & Affordable!. Check out a few sweet picks for this coming season below.


One of the things I have come to LOVE as a Christian woman striving to dress modestly are CARDIGANS! Praise God for a Fabulous cardigan. For those of us with curves that could care less about not driving our brothers or sisters into lust and jealous, etc. we have to tame them. LOL! They are so versatile. You can dress them up or down. Hanging out with friends,  at work, church, school and even a date night. A cute stylish sweater is my go to! Here are some samples from Forever XXI

For those days that are particularly crisp, that means it is time for …Jackets! There are two staples that will likely never go out of style; the denim jacket and the bomber jacket. Check out a couple pieces now available at Charlotte Russe!

If you noted, all of these items are staple pieces. Meaning they are must haves for the entire season. You will be able to pair them with anything you currently have. So don’t stuff all those summer maxi dresses, concert tees, midi dresses etc away just yet. You can still rock them into the Fall season. Pair that Midi dress with some leggings, a peep toe bootie and long cardigan. And you are golden! Or throw on some jeans, that concert tee, bomber jacket and a pair of cute funky flats. Personally I’m not that into accessories, but you can always get a satchel with fringe ❤ or clutch purse to store all your on- the – go goodies. I think a light fedora style hat would go great with the midi dress outfit. There are many ways to rock what you’ve got for each season and not break the bank to stay current. Hope you all enjoyed my take on Fall attire. Love Ya to Peace!


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