How to Study the Bible

In my quiet time with God, one of the topics that came up was helping other young woman learn how to read their bible; the living breathing Word of God. The Word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double edged sword, it pierces even to dividing soul and spirit, joint and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12)
So I figured I’d write a blog to help my Faith Filled sisters out! Here are a few tips that have helped me. I pray that they are of a great service to you too!


As common sense as this is, many people for go this step. In this day we have a plethora of bible versions to choose from. Which can be a good and bad thing.  Now I don’t know if you guys have experienced reading from the King James Version of the bible, but I just can’t deal. I get so discouraged and frankly, I get a headache trying to figure out what they are talking about. Thank God for NIV ( New International Version) and NLT ( New Living Translation)! I currently use both, but my go-to when I really want to get deep into a study is my Life- Application Study Bible NLTI’ve hyperlinked it to Amazon in case you want to order it. I love this version because it is plain ol’ English. And as an additional bonus, this particular bible has notes at the bottom to further explain the verses. It also has references to the sides of most verses. This a MAJOR KEY as you study specific topics.

a. You will also need a notebook, pen/pencil and highlighter. I’m going to throw this out there “studies have shown” that when you write something down you have a greater chance of remembering what you wrote.

b. Set aside time. This is very important. Time with God period cannot be a drive thru type of thing. That is not how strong relationships are built. Think about it, if you were in a relationship or starting a relationship with someone and they barely gave you 10 good minutes of their time. How would you feel? I know I would kick you to the curb before you had a chance to say “Bae”. #ByeFelicia It is the same with God. We have to be intentional about him. I’ll tell you that for me, 7pm to about 8,8:30pm is my absolute designated time with God. Everybody gets shut out during that time. IDC what is going on. And this particular time is in addition to morning prayer and bedtime prayer.


In the back of almost every bible is an index. This section basically directs you on where to find specific topics, people, situations etc. throughout the bible. For example, if I am looking for scripture on love, this section will provide me with most of the scriptures in the bible that deal with the subject of love. Now the dictionary/ concordance section will give me any and all scriptures that actually include the word love in it. This brings me to my third point.




If there is any area in your life that you are struggling with,  you should start with that. Or if during your quiet time with God, he places a subject on your heart then search for that topic. IMPORTANT! As you are studying, allow for the Holy Spirit to guide you. It is nice to read about and even memorize scripture. But it is absolutely mind-blowing to have the Holy Spirit of God open your understanding to fully take in the scriptures you are reading and to connect the dots for you. It’s incredible to see how these verses you are searching and connecting relate to your very situation as if they are personally written in just for you. 


As you are studying a topic, the Holy Spirit can guide you into a number of scriptures to help you get a full picture of whats going on. The Holy Spirit can also have you hung on one verse. Now, I’ll be honest with you. When I first experienced that “hang up” with the Holy Spirit on just one verse, I got frustrated. I thought, “Here I am trying to study and connect various books and verses together and the Holy Spirit keeps me locked on just one??? This don’t seem, right. Lord, is that you for real?” But one day as I was listen to one of my favorite preachers Priscilla Shirer, I realized that maybe I wasn’t grasping the whole context of the verse. I listened as she broke down a single verse, dissecting the meaning of each word in the verse and why the author chose those specific words. It dawned on me that in those moments where I was hung on a single verse, the Holy Spirit is trying to get me to fully grasp and understand what is being said. For example; John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice; I know them. And they follow me. Let’s break this down.
My sheep– Possession. We belong to God. We are his and his alone.
Hear my voice– because we belong to God, we are in-tune with his voice. Which is also referenced in John 10:5.
I know them– God, the creator of heaven and earth; the Alpha and the Omega knows us. He knows that you are stubborn and hard-headed. He knows that you are sensitive, etc. He knows you.  This is also referenced Jeremiah 1:5 & Psalm 139: 15-16
And they follow me– We obey God. We have a relationship with him. We know that he has the best intentions for us. We have peace with trusting God, even if don’t have all the details.

Do you see how that simple verse that you other wise would have just read and kept it moving has so much more meaning to it?  That it even brings you off to other verses that relate and confirm it?!


Honestly, I think this is the hardest part for us Christians. We tend to get all hyped up about reading the Word, hearing the Word and studying the Word. But when it comes time to apply, we skip it. It’s tough to do when work, school, home and even church tasks are hogging our attention. But you will have wasted 30 mins to an hour daily if you study and do not apply what you’ve learned. The Word of God is a lamp to guide your walk and a light on your way through life (Psalm 119:105) . It guides you, it convicts you, it confirms or refutes things for you. So when you are at work and your boss comes at you crazy you can remember that you work as unto the Lord and that even though they may deserve some words…. you will not ruin your witness to them. And you will guard your heart and not allow anger to take up residence there. The Word of God changes you and how you deal with circumstances that come your way. It shows you truth in a crowd of lies.

I hope these tips are useful to you as they are to me. It amazes me how blessed my life has become as I learn more and grow more. I also have a clearer view into the lies, tricks and schemes of the enemy and am able to stand against them. So I pray you all enjoy your journey with God exploring his Word and develop even more spiritual. Please feel free to share these tips with others!

Love Ya to Peace,
Faith. Loves

I know I have been away for over a month. I’m so sorry guys! Forgive me. I’ve been grown and figuring out what my purpose is etc. Let’s just say I’m on a steep hill on this journey right now. I will do my very best to post a bit more regularly as the Lord leads me. Oh and a huge WELCOME!!! to all my new subscribers! I pray you are blessed through these post and please comment. I would love to talk to you all! Thanks again guys! God bless you all.

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