Spring is such a SHOE-tastic Season!

Yay!! For Spring Shoes!

Pedicures and Open Toe Heels, Wedges and Sandals! We probably should not purchase even a sock this season but how can we resist adding FABULOUSNESS to our collection. Check out a few Gorgeous additions from Charlotte Russe and Aldo Shoes below.






If you noticed there is a REIGNING color for this season- YELLOW! Its such a beautiful and happy color! I think this color is amazing on deep dark tone people. The contrast is simply perfect. 

I know that this season EVERYONE is borderline obsessed with the front one strap style of shoe. However, I’ve tried it and I HATE IT!! Don’t get me wrong, its super cute! But it is a style that requires minimal to no walking or dancing or standing. It’s one of those sit down and look cute until we get home and you can kick them to the ceiling type of shoes. I also don’t ever want to get a bunion or hammer toe. Like EVER in life. And those shoes were leading me straight to Bunion-ville.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! No ma’am, Not I!  


A favorite of mine this season has been the Chunky Heel. AHH!! Fabulous Life Saver! I have a bum knee that simply refuses to let me be great. The chunky heel allows me to have more stability and holds me up better. It also assists in my posture when I stand and walk. And, they are just overall more functional. I can where a Chunky Heel to work, out with friends, Church etc. They just work!

I hope you all have gotten a better idea of the latest trending styles and I wish you all Happy Shopping! ** P.S.- wait until Memorial Day Weekend to shop. The deals are AWESOME-SAUCE!!

Love ya to Peace,

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