Prom Season

Well for my younger sistaz!!! It’s PROM SEASON!!!!

Now I know this is the time that the world wants you long ladies to bare it all for the sake of “Fashion” but remember you are a prize. A sacred and precious jewel. Ask yourself, “when is the last time you spotted a ruby or emerald etc just floating about in the wind?” NEVER, so you shouldn’t either!

** This may be totally old school but, remember to keep the goodies tucked away. Flee from sexual immorality, mmmkay! 😉

On to better things. I found a couple dress to spark some imagination and excitement for Prom!

Bold colors to pastels with lots of GLITTER & SPARKLE! <3<3<3

*these dresses are for inspiration only. I do not wish to steer anyone into any frustrations by linking to faulty websites to purchase. ***

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