What is Christ Saving you From??

Hey All!

I know I’ve been super MIA. I’ve been tucked away with God and to be honest…. Its AMAZING! I’m still on my hiatus however during my quiet time with God today he prompted me to write this post. ( P.S.- I have a ton of new material coming from my time with God)

But today I wondered, does man know what Christ came to save them from? Everyone now a days love to preach the LOVE OF CHRIST! & THE LOVE OF GOD!. I’d say about 60% of the world has etched on their skin John 3:16 ” For God so loved the world….

Its almost ingrained in us the fact that God loves us so much he sent Jesus to die for us… to save us. Yes, but do you know from what? I find that many people try to use this love of God to condone their sin when in fact, his love came to free us from it. Man has taken something so pure, righteous and holy and they want to pervert it.

God’s love does NOT permit sin. Love of God actually disciplines, guides onto the path of righteousness, heals, restores, cleanses, etc. The Word says that the blood of Jesus washes away all sins, not covers them up so that you can continue doing them.

The love of God sent Jesus to die IN OUR PLACE to SAVE US FROM HELL & ETERNAL DAMNATION! Without Jesus’ death and resurrection we all would be going straight to hell. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts about it. That is what his love saves us from. Its great and wonderful to teach Gods love but that is not the complete story. God loves us back to life. Without him we were dead and are dead-in line for the burning abyss. So this love that came to save us is not a free excuse to sin but a wonderful and marvelous reason to flee FROM sin.

I pray that more servant of God will rise up to teach the completed message of God. I’d rather the discipline of God’s love occur here on earth while we still have a chance to truly repent and turn back to God than to stand before him on judgement day and receive the punishment.

I know this kinda got heavy but its what I was prompted to share with  you all today. I pray you read it, understand it and apply it.


Love ya to Peace,



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