Hey Ya’ll!

Its been quite a while since I last posted. A little over a month to be exact. I missed you all too! 🙂 Life got really busy, really fast. Work got really intense and I moved. It was just a lot happening. However, I thank God for it all. The Lord has truly been good to me and I am so grateful to him for it.

Also in preparation for my big event in August I am selling a couple Awesome Tee-Shirts for just $10.( See Pic Below- Male/Female) The money will go towards putting on an amazing day for orphan children both NJ and in Haiti. The event is called Showers of Blessings. Each kid will receive a small bag filled with (cool clothes, gadgets, books etc). I am super duper excited about this event. It’s my baby as I like to say- God put this idea on my heart years ago and I’m just now being obedient about it. SMH! I’ve dealt with my punishment for being so late with this. But now I am over joyed to be able to do this.

image1 (1)


Another more pressing event that I am putting together is called God’s Sons in June 2016. This event will center around empowering young men in Christ. Now I am only putting together the logistics ( like a planner).  The event will be hosted by my friend , Minister Alan Jean. There will be several breakouts throughout the day. Being a Godly Man, Communication, Career Readiness, Accountability etc. I can’t wait to see this particular event happen and revive, restore, empower young men in our community.

You know, I realized that I have something to offer the body of Christ. It may not be a glam position or a very popular spotlight one but its one that determines life in Christ or death. I encourage you, whatever talents or abilities you have, pray that God shows you how to use them. I see various needs and if I can help then I help. If I can’t then at least I speak on it and hopefully someone else can help out. Some may say that their church has to many “red tape” or that they just don’t listen. That’s not an excuse. I do these events on my own. God makes ways for those who want to do good for others. It may take more sacrifice on your part regarding money and time but we “do as unto the Lord”. So its not biggie. If its a blog, book, group chat, events, retreat etc. Pray to God about it and if he gives you the OK…. GO! No need to ask questions or worry about how. Spread the gospel, restore souls to the body of Christ.

I can’t wait to blog some more about life and of course Fashion. Stay Tuned……

Love ya to Peace,


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