The Godly Man

From The Faith Filled & Fabulous Seminar…

The Godly Man is serious about three key thing: 1) His Work, 2) His Word, & 3) His Worship

His Work:

A man should be serious about his work. The Word says in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 ” The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” When God created man he gave him a job. Adam was to cultivate the land ( Genesis 2:15). A Godly man cannot be well without working. It is his God given task. If a man comes to a woman and wants her to take care of him (meaning she goes to work, pays all the bills, puts food on the table, buys him clothes etc).  He is not a Godly man.

His Word:

The Godly man’s word should mimic that of God’s word (meaning his word is as  “yes and amen” . It will not waver or be false). When a man after Gods heart says something, his word is true. He will not lie to you or even around you. If for any reason his word changes, he must be able to give a strong valid reason as to why. The second point is that a man should be serious about Gods word. He spends time seeking God, reading and applying God’s Word to his everyday life. He doesn’t just know the popular scriptures ( John 3:16, Phillipians 4:6, etc). He makes it a point read, meditate and apply God’s Word as he is lead by the Holy Spirit.

His Worship:

A man must be serious about his walk with God. He is NOT a double minded man. He does NOT have a double life. Christian and Holy Sundays and if front of certain people and then different for the rest of the week with non believers. A man must lead his wife to God, not away from him. This Godly man sacrifices his fleshly desires for that of the spirit, not only for himself but when it comes to his woman as well. Romans 12:1-2

For the single Christian woman please be aware of these three qualities when being pursued by a man; His Work, His Word, and His Worship! I pray this blesses you all and aide you in discerning the one whom you will enter courtships with.

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