Faith Filled & Fabulous Seminar

Hi Guys!!

Ahhhhhh!!!, this past weekend was AWEEEESOME!!! I held my first seminar for young women and it was amazing!! (ya’ll know I have a fear of public speaking but God totally gave me super confidence to do this) There were a total of 30 young women that attended and we had two other speakers. Man, I simply cannot believe where God is leading me and the things he is guiding me through to accomplish. Never, ever, ever in a million years would I think that I would ever willingly and purposely stand in front of a group to speak. I CERTAINLY Never thought at all, whatsoever! that I would stand to talk about God. Its truly mind boggling to think about.

Well, I would like to thank a few people again. First, this entire event would have been a “shot in the dark” if it were not for Beatrice David and Esther David- Planning with B. Thank you ladies so much for helping make my vision a reality. Thank you dealing with my mini budget to put on such a beautiful atmosphere.  Second, thank you Erline Louigene aka InnerBeautyOut. Thank you for making time to give amazing tips on beauty. I certain learned things I never even thought about when it comes to makeup and purchasing make up as well as my natural hair. Third, thank  you Alan Jean for braving a room full of women and holding it down. For an absolute fact, I know that we all truly benefited from your presentation of the Godly Man. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule for us! Lastly, thank you to all the young women that attended. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am that you all came and listened so attentively and engaged in our topics. Thank you to those that came from EventBrite, Facebook, Instagram and my church family. I so love you all.

It is my prayer before, during and after Faith Filled & Fabulous that the discussions were planted into the hearts of all that attended. I pray that God brings others into your lives to help grow and develop you all in Christ and that you too will be lights to other young women and men. 

Come back again especially this weekend as I will be posting clips and the topics discussed at Faith Filled & Fabulous: The Godly Man, Modern Day Christian Woman, Beauty and Modesty. I will tag in those post each presenter so you can follow them on Social Media.

Here’s a preview….


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Love ya to Peace,


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