Rose Quartz & Serenity SP’16

Pantone has released the focal colors for Spring 2016 which are:  Rose Quartz and Serenity. As a member of #PinkPower, I love that this pastel pink has made a fashion comeback. It’s just so feminine and dainty to me. I also appreciate the pastel blue. It kinda gives the intermix of masculinity and femininity.

I will tell you I am so happy to see these vibrant and revived colors arise. I am soooooo done with #Marsala from the winter color palette. I found myself leaning more towards the #DriedHerb which is an olive tone. It saved me from that dark depressing wine red. I just CAN’T ( Don’t mind my semi-rant) 

I think these colors marry well with each other. Please!! PLEASE!! Let us stay away from wearing one tone from head to toe. There NEEDs to be a break up of colors in your outfit somewhere. It’s too much for the senses to take in if you wear any tone from head to toe. So let’s just not, mmmKay?! 🙂  If you’re dying, to wear pink completely, there is a way to do it. Pink has a multitude of tones. ( as pink is a tone itself) You can switch your coat, top, bottom, shoes, accessories colors between shades of pink like; pastel #RoseQuartz to fuschia, hot pink, magenta, blush, and crepe etc.

Now these two are the highlight colors for the Spring season so you will see many of the designs advertised using these two colors specifically. But there are other colors for the season. Check out some of the remaining colors for Spring 2016 below. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed!

2016 colors

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