Black & White

You can never go wrong with a simple black and/or white outfit. It’s an instant classic or edgy look. You can pair your outfit with a simple accessory like a clutch/handbag, statement piece necklace or even earrings for a pop of color. Of course, shoes are also important. (Fact about me: I dress from my feet up. I decide what shoe I’m feeling and I build an outfit around it! #Shoeholics Unite! ) 

Now I’m a bit on the thicker side of things. We thicker Christians have to be a bit more careful with our outfit choices. A simple black maxi dress in the spring may look absolutely awesome and modest on a slimmer sister but on us, that same dress may have everyone in the church building eyeing you DOWN! lol I find that a nice, great quality girdle does wonders. Seriously, girdles are a gift from heaven. It should have made the cut to be mentioned in the Also, I find that light cardigans or long sweaters save us in the cooler months.

I hope you guys get inspired by these outfits. I will link to some of the websites where you can purchase these pieces or similar garments.

One more thing, I love to save a coin so if you are planning on shopping online try going through Ebates. If you’re like me and you just have to see, feel and try on everything before you purchase then try  in store shopping with Ibotta. Both apps allow you to receive cash back for shopping! LOVE!!! ❤

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