New Year… Ever Growing

Hi Guys! We are full steam ahead into the new year. “New Beginnings” are always exciting. So I’ll just jump right on in here.

Last year, (gosh it’s weird to say lol ) I began a journey with you guys called 52 Weeks. I plan on being completely single for 52 weeks to focus on me. While that concept seemed great in the beginning, I quickly began to realize that I was focusing way too much on  idea relationships. Not having it, wanting to be in it, thinking about when I will be blessed with it. Just too much. It was distracting from the main purpose which is to work on me and focus on my everlasting relationship with God. So, I will not continue that series in 2016. Obviously, I write about most lessons I learn here on ChristianFaithFashionista anyway, so you guys won’t really miss anything.

Okay now, on to the AMAZING things aligning themselves for this year. ChristianFaithFashionista is hitting the pavement in 2016. I will be hosting several events throughout the year. The first of which is FAITH.FILLED & FABULOUS on January 23rd! I am SUPER excited about this event. God revealed my passion for encouraging and uplifting young women. He gave me direction and a plan and now it’s time to hit the ground running. I will outline some of the other events in the works for this year in a later post. Gosh, God is so awesome and faithful. His plans are truly far more incredible than anything we can think of. Lord, knows I’m beyond shy, have NEVER been even an okay public speaker and writing can use some work. However, Romans 8:30! There are so many examples in the Word of God of people that were throw aways, unworthy, uneducated, drunks, liars, adulterers, etc and God used them.

If you’ve sought God and he has spoken to you about doing something. Believe him. Trust him. Do it.  Let’s be real tho: its probably going to be BEYOND SCARY. Like for real for  But every time, God has called someone to serve him he has exalted them beyond their wildest imagination. They sacrificed and struggled but the outcome has always been glorious.

Well, that all for now folks. Gotta run but I am so excited about this year! The enemy is busy but God is Greater! Talk to you soon loves!

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Love Ya to Peace,

Faith. Loves

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