All Sequins Everything

It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year! I absolutely love this time of year. It's my favorite! Jesus'Birthday! I love the decorations, the kindness and love all around and of course the fashion! Aside from my obsession with the pink hue, I love any and everything that sparkles! So I've compiled  just a couple items [...]

Next Generation…

Sinning only counts when you're an adult. Pre marital sex, drugs, lying, stealing, disrespecting your parents and other elders, lust etc. It is all voided if you're 18 and under. Is this the message that we are telling our youth? Is this what the next generation has learned from us? We all claim to teach them about [...]

Week 43

This week truly was a roller coaster for me. I struggled a lot with this vow of mine to focus on just God especially for this next year. I knew it would be challenging but I never thought I would have such a difficult time with it as I have. Maybe the trigger was my [...]

A Christmas Gala

Hi There Beautiful People! I feel like its been a long time since we've This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Mount Olive Church of God's Christmas Gala. It was absolutely beautiful. There was also a Fashion Show presented at the Gala with designs from J.K.Experience and JJ GQ Fashion. Check out [...]