Week 44…. Busy Busy

Hey There Awesome People!

I feel like its been forever!. lol I have so much to chat with you all about. I’ll number them so you don’t get confused.LOL

  1. My birthday just passed. Let’s just say I’m close to 30 not quite there but close enough. This year I am praying for growth spiritually, financially, in wisdom and (towards the end of the year) LOVE. I’ve learned that God is quite interesting, so I hope that my timeline is aligned with his. ( note: I said that I’m aligned with him because God is Alpha and Omega, the holder of time and all things go according to his timing)
  2. Tomorrow is my 1 year Baptism anniversary. Gosh, that went by super fast. I’ve learned so much and grown so much in just a year. There have been plenty of tears and a multitude of laughter and joy. I guess that’s what this journey will look like. Pain and sacrifice but joy that over powers all of that. Like I stated in 1. I am excited about whats to come in this next year. Slightly nervous abut it but more so excited.
  3. My number ONE pet peeve… Laziness. Nothing is simply given to you. You have to work and put forth effort for everything. So it absolutely grinds my gears with people think that they are owed a home, a car, a job, an education etc. We all fall on some type of hardship at some point, but you cannot stay down. Its okay to ask and receive a helping hand once in a while but you cannot expect to be rescue everyday. I’ve come across several people that feel others should “help” them with money, place to stay, a ride etc. EVERYDAY!! That wouldn’t even be so bad if the person were trying and putting in work themselves to better their situation. However, if you are lazy and expect life to be handed to you then there is a problem. SIGH**
  4. This week I found myself struggling to pray and spend time with God. I struggled with keeping focus and not thinking about relationships and love, etc. I don’t want this to become an idol and a distraction to my purpose and walk with God. At the same time, its something that I really want and look forward to. I’m not sure how to balance this.

See I told you it was busy this past week… oh and I didn’t even mention work and getting ready for Black Friday, Jason’s 5th Birthday party, and my church’s Christmas banquet fashion show. But all in all, I’m blessed and highly favored. I am alive, well and growing in the Lord. I cannot complain. God is good ALL the time. ( Oh, that was so churchy… LOL)

Love Ya to Peace,

Faith. Loves

Miss Busy

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