Counterfeit Christian

So many people today claim the title Christian without fully acknowledging the true meaning of the word. Many are truly just fans of Christ and admirers from afar. A lot of folks like to quote him without context. They pretend to KNOW him when they are barely even acquaintances with him.

I’m not bashing anyone. The inspiration behind this topic is actually my own Instagram page. I had some down time and decided to scroll through my thousands of post. Yes, Of course all of my post for the past year and some has been all positive, encouraging, inspiring, Gospel base posts. But then I started to get into some posts from ’13, ’12, ’11 etc. I began to notice that in between post about “Praying to God” and “Following Jesus” I had post about my dysfunctional situationship I refused to let go of (even though God was telling me to RUN!!), I had post about me drinking (nothing wrong with having a drink or two. The problem is getting drunk and unable to think/function properly), and posts where I was cussing up a storm.I even had a couple provocative post here and there.

Truthfully, I barely… if ever… took time out to spend with God. Aside from church on Sundays that was about it. Even then, I would be on my phone or thinking about how pissed I was at the guy I was with. I was actively still having sex with someone I had no business being with in the first place. I was angry ALL THE TIME! I was such a counterfeit!! I had the nerve to post scripture and tell other ppl about Christ and I didn’t even really know him. Sure, I “met” him before back in 2010 when I accepted to follow him.  But it took active participation to get to know him.

I’ve learned that being a Christian… being a true follower of Christ takes work, sacrifice and submission. Its way more than posting scriptures or using words to portray the life. You actually have to put forth action and LIVE THE LIFE. There are rules and regulations to it too. All that other  stuff I was doing while pretending to be a Christian had to die. Premarital Sex, Drunkenness, Cursing tongue, Anger and Hate etc. All of those things are not of Christ.

Jesus is the true vine. All that are in him produce good fruit because they are connected to him. If a branch produces bad fruit or no fruit at all then its clear that branch is not from him and must be cut off. Branches that are cut off are thrown into the fire. (John 15: 1-8)  Although I was posting all those “Christian” quotes etc,  the fruit I was producing was not good fruit. You could tell that I was not truly connected to the vine.

Our lives are our greatest testimony and proof that 1. there is a Savior name Jesus Christ and 2. that we are his disciples . Everyone today claims to be “real” or “keep it 100” but how many really mean that when it comes to Christ. Everyone knows the Word but who really lives the Word?

Love Ya to Peace,

Faith. Loves



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