Wife Material

What does it mean to be a wife? In this day and age, I don’t like my generation really thinks about what that means or cares to know. They just want the bling. The updated Facebook status. The professional pictures to post on IG and create memes about being a power couple “put together by God” with the caption Proverbs 31 woman. Rarely, do we get to see or hear about the day to day life of a wife.

Let me be the first to tell you, as much as I want to be married and have my three babies, I’m no where near a Proverbs 31 woman or even a Titus 2 woman. YES, I STRIVE TO BE AND BELIEVE THAT AS GOD MOLDS ME I WILL BECOME HER IN THE RIGHT SEASON. But as for now, uh uh. She ain’t me and I ain’t her. Truthfully, I’m still trying to figure this thing out. Faith, submission, obedience, selflessness, etc. I still struggle to be those things to my God that loves me unconditionally. My God that forgives me time and time again. My God, that sacrificed the life of his only son just for me. My God that even though I fail him daily, looks at me with such unfailing love. If I struggle to be good, not even great, but just good with him, how can I be even a portion of that for a man that has flaws like me?

I find it a blessing that God allows himself to be my trial. How awesome is that? In this season, he guides me and corrects me in preparation for my desire to be married. Let me tell you though, this is work. Truthfully, I quarrel with him daily..lol. And of course, we know from the word that a godly wife doesn’t quarrel but (nudges) through her gentle and quiet spirit. Chiiilllllddd, Lord knows I’m not quiet. I’m working on it tho. lol 

I think that as women who want to be married, we shouldn’t really rush it. I mean think about it, would you want a man that has all these unnecessary issues? No man (or woman) is perfect. But there are things we can prepare for. We (especially the ladies) plan for months (even years for some) for our wedding day. We prepare and go over so many details. Well, what’s the point in all that planning for a day (couple of hours really) and then fail miserable when the marathon of marriage truly begins because we did not prepare.

Would you sign up for a marathon… get sneakers, jogging clothing, sweatband, bottled water for the day of and not train for it? No stretches, no workouts, no runs on the treadmill or park?  So why would I want to be a wife so bad and not prepare myself for the long haul?

My generation really thinks that if I have my a job, money, education (apartment or house) then I am ready to get married. That’s the trick. Now don’t get me wrong. These things are great to have. In the world today these things can help our future lives as wives and mothers, but they can’t sustain us being wives and mothers. So many women have all those things and then remain single or get divorced. So many mothers have these things yet their children yearn for them. We have to get out attitudes in check, emotions under control, and be strengthened in our faith, etc.

I know that today, I am not ready. I want it but nah, not today. I still have work to do. #IJS

What are your thoughts?

Love Ya to Peace,

Faith. Loves

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