52 Weeks

Hi All!

In light of what has recently happened and all the other blows that I haven’t mentioned on my blog, I’ve decided to do a retreat of self. What I mean is, that for the next 365 days ( 52 weeks) I will be focusing on the person God wants ME to be. What God’s plan for me is. What I’ve realized is that for the past 8 years, I have bent and conformed to what my past “partners” in relationships wanted. I tried to be what other people wanted and even needed me to be without checking with God. For the next year, I don’t want to focus on “when am I going to find love”, “what am I supposed to do with my career”, etc.


But for the next year, I just want to focus on what God needs me to do, specifically. I want to just sit at his feet and listen to him. I want to just BE in his presence. I don’t want to pray for a husband or kids or advancement in my career, to move out of state etc. He knows allll of that already..lol He has heard me go on and on and on about all of that for quite sometime now.

So here we go! I hope you all take this sure to be wild, emotional, freeing and blessed journey with me for the next year. I pray that at the end of these 52 weeks, that I am matured in the spirit, healed in my heart and renewed in my thinking. I will be journaling each week and counting down. So each title will be 52 Weeks… 51 weeks… etc. Each Friday, starting next Friday 10/16/2015.  As always, words of encouragement are always welcomed!

Alright God, here we go …no funny buisness LOL

Love Ya to Peace,

Faith. Loves

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