49 Weeks…Answering the Call

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by. Week 49 already huh? Well this week was actually good guys. No depressed feeling, no daydreams of long lost love..lol. It was a good week. I've been thinking a lot about my purpose. For a while now, I've felt this calling to talk to young... Continue Reading →

51 More Weeks…. Am I enough?

This first week started off good. However, somehow it ended just badly. I think the toughest part of this journey is going to be reconditioning my thinking. I struggled with the thoughts of "why could he do this to me?" "this is the second time this has happened, what's wrong with me?" "Maybe I'm not... Continue Reading →

October Harvest Mini Lookbook

Hey Hey ChristainFaithFashionistas! I pray you all had a great weekend (extended weekend for some). I had an opportunity to do a mini shoot for some pieces that I've recently purchased. Now, ya'll know I am a BUDGET-NISTA as well... lol. Therefore all of these pieces can be found at your local mall  or outlet plaza.... Continue Reading →

52 Weeks

Hi All! In light of what has recently happened and all the other blows that I haven't mentioned on my blog, I've decided to do a retreat of self. What I mean is, that for the next 365 days ( 52 weeks) I will be focusing on the person God wants ME to be. What... Continue Reading →

From a Broken Place

I've been debating for the past day or so whether I should blog (Vlog) about this or not. I decided that I should because I want to spare others from going through something similar. This Vlog will be a series and I pray that at the end of it, I will truly be smiling again... Continue Reading →

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