The A.C.T.S of Conversing with God

I cannot begin to count the number of times the Word of God directs us to pray. It depicts the many instances where prayer is the key to the freedom of God. Prayer is the lifeline of a Christian to God the father, God the Son ( Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit.

When I was younger, I understood prayer to be asking God for things. As I grew up I discovered that prayer is in part a conversation with God. Meaning, we both speak. However, what excited me recently and prompted me to write this post is my latest discovery of How to pray.It is called the ACTS method of praying and it truly resonated with me.





Isn’t that amazing?! Its mind opening! Adoration is worshiping God simply for who he is. The great I AM, Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He is Holy, Sovereign, Forgiving, Just etc. I mean when you simply think of the goodness of God, man. Adoration has to be the quickest way to “get God’s attention”  ( for lack of a better phrase). The Word says that God inhabits our praise (Psalm 22:3 KJV).

BTW: I don’t know if you all know this or not but whenever the Bible refers to “Israel” it is referring to God’s people NOT an actual country. Hebrew/Jew/Israelite is technically all the same- descendants of Abraham. Through Christ Jesus, we (gentiles) were made sons and daughters of Abraham therefore apart of “Israel” the people. I know, I know… its a little confusing. The Holy Spirit is a great guide to understanding it all better. 

Anywho, As you are adoring and worshiping God, his presence begins to fill you up, there is a shift of Godly sorrow that takes place which leads to Confession. (2 Corinthians 7:10)  It is in this moment that you can truly open up and be real with God. Telling him every detail, every thought, every action that is against him. You can tell him all of the wrongs about you without fear of rejection or humiliation. Knowing that God now knows all the inner most things about you and still loves you, will move you into the Thanksgiving portion of prayer. I personally love this part. 

Telling God of all the things that you are thankful for. This portion alone can take so long. I mean, think about it. The very breathe that sustains us is from God. (Genesis 2:7) He wakes us up from a death like state, he protects, provides, blesses, guides, corrects etc. Even the bad things in life shape us. ( sometimes if we aren’t careful to stay with God those bad things can over take us and lead us somewhere totally destructive.. that’s another topic for another day). When we are thankful to God for the little things or any and everything really, this pleases God. Therefore, he sees that we are ready for more blessings which leads into the final stage of Supplication.

Supplication is your request time. Its the moment in prayer where you make your request known unto God. Not that he didn’t already know what you desire but that you have the faith to come to him with what you need and/or want. Now, please do not get this mixed up with you asking God for something and he gives it to you just because you asked. He won’t do anything that is unjust, unholy etc. And he certainly will not give you anything just because you THINK you need it or want it. If it will deter you from him or cause you or anyone else to stumble, trust that you don’t even need to mention it to God. If you have such an odd supplication you might want to revert back to C and confess that mess to God. (for example, praying that some guy breaks up with his current girl just so that you can get him.-____- NO that’s not what God is about)

And lastly, we “seal” our prayer to God in Jesus Christ name. (John 14:6) Jesus clearly tells us that he is the way, the truth and the life. And that no one comes to the father (God) except through the son (Jesus Christ). It is through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that we are again able to even approach the throne of God. It is his blood that was shed for us that cleanses us and make us holy to come to God. Remember, sin takes us away from God. Since, we are all sinful in nature we need Jesus Christ in our lives to clean us, make us pure and holy to be able to reach God. He is the one that intercedes for us. (Roman 8:34)

After we’ve prayed and delivered it through Christ, Jesus we believe that it is done…so be it ( Amen). that is the literal translation or meaning of the word Amen- so be it. I must tell you though, that there is a reverence that must be present when addressing God. After all, he is GOD Almighty, creator of all the universe. Personally, I find it disrepectful to refer to him as “the homie”, “Big Guy”, etc. I’m just saying.. a little more respect is necessary.

Prayer is our personal relationship with God. Its our thing. I think of how I talk to my best friend verses how I talk to everyone else, our prayers to God are similar to that. Its between you an God. Its a special bond between you and God. Where you tell him everything, ask him anything and receive instruction, comfort, confirmation, correction etc from him. I pray that you all are encouraged and are able to apply this way of praying to your lives. For me, it has truly helped me to get closer to the father. I hope you all have the same experience as well with it.

Love ya to Peace,

Faith. Loves


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