Big Sweaters & Bigger Scarves – Fall ’15

Hello there Beautiful People!

Fall 2015 is rapidly approaching. Gosh, this year is flying by! I absolutely LOVE the Fall. Its just the perfect weather.Its Not hot and not freezing, its just right. I love the colors of the leaves changing and the taste of pumpkin EVERYTHANG! What I like the most though is of course – THE FASHION! Large Sweaters, Sweater dresses, Huge scarves, leggings, boots and my all time fave Leather jackets!

Soooooo without further ado.. Here are some styles I’m feeling for this year!

24e64e811aa06ab30e01fa4ea9eb1172 50ebed1d8e2c3bc6840a5dfb048dcad5 9610a8e485bae2d9d1338c1da2be9706 bf245add8adf1aa5aeb610e34a83638b cbb4e4f41c7f86e710a28adc99c2d92a

I did not forget about us corporate sisters…

5aa8b2d6ba0d0f494565e5372da26a0a 54aa9a08fadacc67f1420d899eb946c0 7966d3a8c5bc23395579dd00c820d474 303880cc04189834832773657f0c0b74 67952888b5377c6004e1ac47c6722765

Cool weather and leather…

21df2efb03ec769be5cdb5df4d221fdd 96df6316708d0e7135ada20c6d8a6a9e

And I cannot forget to share a little bit of FACE inspiration with you all.

5fed3bbba90a39e71a3010eb391da2fc 1392321f6a9915d2534fbaa956da8de5 b6e85256cfbd5d8f472d90c1beae4f6a b89aa119d1a5c65e2079a530b99f5a38

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