Within The Kingdom Walls

As I was driving around today doing my errands I had the random urge to listen to the radio. Like actual radio stations; hip-hop, R&B etc. As I was switching through the various stations I couldn’t settle on one. Each song was more vile and disturbing than the last. Its not even that I really wanted to listen to those songs, I really just wanted an up tempo song. So I turn off the radio and played music from my phone. I was in a hip hop-ish mood so I played KB’s album Tomorrow We Live. It was just what the doctor ordered (so to speak).

It wasn’t until tonight that I thought about it and the Holy Spirit explained to me what happened earlier. Within the Kingdom of God, there is everything that one could possible imagine needing or wanting. Even rap, R&B, country etc. He explained that all of these talents music, art, writing, even science are all gifts from God. It is what man has chosen to do with these gifts that have turn them from the blessings they were meant to be into the destruction they’ve become.

A while back there was a bit of an uproar about Erica Campbell’s I Luh God song. The song has a “hip hop” beat filled with positive God leading lyrics. Many felt it wasn’t Gospel or it was inappropriate and too secular sounding. However, gospel is spreading the good news of God to those who have yet to know or come to follow Christ. When I see young children singing the song or “thugs and gangstas” singing along and even discussing the song and its meaning, as a Christian I am joyful. I say bring all the children within the Kingdom walls.

All things are to give glory to God! Period! So yes, the hip hop music, the paintings and books, the scientific research etc.They should all give glory to God and within the kingdom walls… they do. I wish people knew the amazing powerful artist that are beyond talented and how their gifts give glory to God that gave them their talents in the first place.

Why do people love hip hop in the first place? Most would say the lyrics. Well, most of the music today sends you spiraling into depression, anger – HECK  JAIL!!!! But there are artist like KB, Lecrae, Trip Lee and Andy Mineo. Those guys are so amazing with the stories and imagery they lyrically paint. AND STILL GIVING GLORY TO GOD! Makoto Fujmura, and Mark Lawrence etc. have amazing paintings that express faith in Christ Jesus. Again GIVING GLORY TO GOD!  There are way to many Christian authors to even begin to write about. And last but not least, Science. Yes, Science within the Kingdom walls. What would it be like to ask the creator of all how things who they work and came about? To gain full knowledge around the human body, the universe, living things about the earth etc. Many scientist throughout history have proclaimed and keep their Christianity. Giving HONOR AND GLORY TO GOD!

Sometimes, I think Gosh- why give mankind free will? All these talents and gifts going to waste or even purposely being use to destroy the very Kingdom from which they came.

I’ve experienced listening to certain songs and after sometime I feel depressed or angry as though the scenarios painted in the music are actually apart of my life. Same thing with the books and movies. However, when I listen to Casey J or Kari Jobe, The Walls Group, Tye Tribett, or Kierra Sheard. I am happy. I have hope. Even when my day is crappy or I’m in a dark season and I’m scared and frustrated- I listen and sing songs by these artist and I am reminded of the Awesome God I serve. When I read books by Heather and Cornelius Lindsey or Shaun Sanders, I’m inspired to keep going in my faith. Even movies like God’s not Dead and Heaven is For Real, when I watch them I feel empowered again.

Things within the Kingdom walls not only give glory to God but they give strength and reassurance to its audience. So I say stay within the Kingdom walls. Where everything need or wanted and them some is readily available in its fullness.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31


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