The Good News

Hola Loves- Ya'll know all about my lunch sermons. Well, this sermon absolutely moved me, so I have to share with you all. Disclaimer: I do listen to other preachers, however I connect more with Cornelius Lindsey's teaching because 1. He doesn't want people to link to him, he truly wants to bring people to... Continue Reading →

ISPSY- HiKari Lip Gloss Review

Hello Loves! You guys know that I've been exploring the idea of Vlogging. So, I've decided to review a couple products I received from my August IPSY Glam Bag. This video is really short because I only reviewed the lip gloss from my package. Truthfully, I haven't tried out all the products, just the lip... Continue Reading →

Film Review: War Room

The Christian war was won centuries ago. By one man...Jesus Christ. But today, we Christians are still dealing with a few lingering battles. They are the rebels ( evil spirits) that refuse to accept the loss even though they know they have lost and know what awaits them. However, many of us are falling for... Continue Reading →

The War Cry

I feel like I need to let out a scream! All the frustration and rage and fear and sadness. It has to end. The tears have got to stop. The worry has got to cease. Anxiety has to go. God, with all due respect and honor, I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW!! Father, your word tells... Continue Reading →

Disappointment in God – pt 2

Yesterday I posted about my anger and disappointment in God. Afterwards, the Holy Spirit convicted me that I was wrong in that feeling. Today I received this word.... I thought I felt heartache before but Matt 7:21-23 truly is what heartbreak is.. Imagine getting to the throne and those are the words you hear. Forgive... Continue Reading →

Disappointed with God

Jumping right on it... being real with you guys this one isn't so beautiful and inspiring For the past couple of days I have been very angry with God. I feel very hurt and disappointed. I think about how much I am trying my best to live right. To make sure I please him because... Continue Reading →

Within The Kingdom Walls

As I was driving around today doing my errands I had the random urge to listen to the radio. Like actual radio stations; hip-hop, R&B etc. As I was switching through the various stations I couldn't settle on one. Each song was more vile and disturbing than the last. Its not even that I really... Continue Reading →

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