The Good News

Hola Loves- Ya'll know all about my lunch sermons. Well, this sermon absolutely moved me, so I have to share with you all. Disclaimer: I do listen to other preachers, however I connect more with Cornelius Lindsey's teaching because 1. He doesn't want people to link to him, he truly wants to bring people to [...]

The War Cry

I feel like I need to let out a scream! All the frustration and rage and fear and sadness. It has to end. The tears have got to stop. The worry has got to cease. Anxiety has to go. God, with all due respect and honor, I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW!! Father, your word tells [...]

Big Sweaters & Bigger Scarves – Fall ’15

Big Sweaters & Bigger Scarves – Fall ’15

Hello there Beautiful People! Fall 2015 is rapidly approaching. Gosh, this year is flying by! I absolutely LOVE the Fall. Its just the perfect weather.Its Not hot and not freezing, its just right. I love the colors of the leaves changing and the taste of pumpkin EVERYTHANG! What I like the most though is of course - [...]