Christian Fashionista Presents: Modest Shopping

I believe that modest goes beyond the four walls of church. The Christian Fashionista aka the modest woman should carry her reverence for God everywhere she goes.

I’ve had this idea for a little while now of organizing a semi-annual Christian Fashionista Shopping event. The event would be to go shopping with a group of women for modest attire. Each woman would need about $50, $75 to $100 ( whatever they can afford or save up) to shop with. I believe that the Christian Fashionista can wear an outfit to work, church and out to an event all with the same clothing. ( with minor changes) As Christian women, people should be able to spot us as Christian not only on Sunday morning but on weekdays and Saturday too. Being a Christian Fashionista or a Christian in general is not just a church or Sunday thing. Its our life. All that we say, do and even wear should be for the glory of God and to reflect his goodness.

Christian Fashionista’s do not have to be flashy or expensive. (  Ya’ll know I never pay full price for ANYTHING!!!!!) I just want to fellowship with other believers and have fun shopping for modest attire. Truth be told, I know some girls who don’t know what modest clothing looks like. Some think its expensive, boring, old-looking. I think it would be really awesome to get together and show that modest dress isn’t any of those things.

Christian Fashionistas are not flashy or loud. The fruits of the Spirit of God does all the talking needed. They do not wear skin-tight, form-fitting, “body con” ( I know, I just stung some of my Peoples …Sorry guys.. gotta keep it real), they try not to focus on their bodies. Also, Christian Fashionista doesn’t wear a potato sack either. ( No shade) It’s okay to look nice. We have to look presentable.

Any who, What do you all think? I want to do this event twice a year. One toward the end of summer, in preparation for Fall and Winter. The second, towards the end of Winter in preparation for Spring/Summer. I really hope to be able to do this event and even get some stores/boutiques etc, to give some What a blessing that would be!

Love Ya to Peace,

Faith. Loves


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