Glam Empire

Hellllllo Beautiful Christian Fashionistas!!!

Soooo, this past weekend I was able to visit a GLAMOROUS new boutique called Glam Empire. Well, it’s not completely new. It’s started out online and did so well that it was able to expand and open a store front. Glam Empire is the precious baby to owner Gina Johnson. She is absolutely the sweetest person. I arrived to the store’s Grand Opening super early ( I’ve got to learn to stop doing Since, I was so early and had an exclusive look and chance to chat with Gina, here is a brief interview I had with her.  Keep in mind this is my first interview, now that I’m looking it over and writing it out- I think I missed a million questions I should have asked. SMH. Ya Live and Ya Learn.

Faith.Loves: When did you fall in love with Fashion?

Gina J ( Glam Empire): I’ve been in love with fashion since I was a little girl. My family made me love it. Their fashion and their style.

Faith.Loves: What sets your business apart from the others?

Gina J (Glam Empire): It’s our customer service, presentation and attention to detail in all our pieces. Its the exclusivity of our pieces that are only available at Glam Empire.

Faith.Loves: How can the Christian Modest woman fit into your clientele?

Gina J (Glam Empire): Our clothing is for everyone. We want our clients to be able to wear our clothing to church, to work and to an event. 

Faith.Loves: Where do you see Glam Empire in 5 years?

Gina J (Glam Empire): In 5 years, I want to have expanded to various cities and states. lol. I want to give TopShop a run for their money.

Check Out Glam Empire on Social: @GlamEmpire_ on IG, @GlamEmpire_ on TW, @GlamEmpire on FB

I will say I was a bit hesitant to blog about this boutique because I thought maybe the clothing may be too riske’ for my Christian Fashionistas. However, I thought about my personal closet and where I shop ( which is pretty much everywhere)  and the fact that “christian clothing” isn’t found in one centralized place. I want to show how we can take pieces from any place and rock out! A pencil skirt with a loose blouse and cardigan or a bubble skirt with a fitted top, etc. Actually, once I pick up my new camera, I think I’ll do a Vlog on just this topic.

Well guys, until my next adventure!

Love Ya to Peace,


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3 thoughts on “Glam Empire

  1. Reblogged this on glameffectz and commented:
    A store just for Christian Fashionistas…..amazeballs!!!! I find this intriguing not just because I’m a Christian (#yayGod) but because the is business sense at its finest. Who would have remembered such a niche market…..Christians who have a penchant for fashion 🙂 #GlamEmpire #bigupuself


    1. Hi! Thank you so much! My First reblogg Yay!! Now again, I will say for some of our “deep” Christians. Glam Empire as well as many other stores may seem a bit out there for us at first. But as Fashionistas we make things work for us and for the glory of God. Also! you totally just confirmed something I’ve been wanting to do which is start a Christian base boutique! So thank you && God Bless you.

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