Product Review: @ShopBagHaven

Hey Hey Hey! I missed you guys! I feel like I have a million things to talk to you all about. Fashion and life.While I was away I did do a bit of shopping. And here is my first ever Product Review! I've been thinking of Vlogging in addition to regular blogging; only for the... Continue Reading →

Questions for God

I often ponder on God. I wonder about his works and his plans and his ways. I mostly have a million questions that I would ask when I get to heaven. I wonder how some people hear him and feel him vividly as if he were a man right next to us, and others think... Continue Reading →

Blessings From The Devil

As I sat in traffic this evening on my way home from work, it dawned on me. The devil "blesses" his followers too. I thought about my recent encounter with my past situationship. My ex used me and got me to purchase a used car for him, pay his tickets and restore his license, buy... Continue Reading →

Through the Valley

Lord, I am so ashamed and tired really. I somehow without knowing it, moved from you. I need help Lord, for real. I keep going back to Psalm 23. Kinda like its my life story. I feel like I've gone through the: The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green... Continue Reading →

Glam Empire

Hellllllo Beautiful Christian Fashionistas!!! Soooo, this past weekend I was able to visit a GLAMOROUS new boutique called Glam Empire. Well, it's not completely new. It's started out online and did so well that it was able to expand and open a store front. Glam Empire is the precious baby to owner Gina Johnson. She... Continue Reading →

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