The Music Within

Something unknown about me is that I am very musical. Unfortunately, I can’t play an instrument myself (i’m working on that) but God has blessed me with a beautiful voice. I totally mean that in a non vain way. Music has always been my first love. It connects me to things and people in a way that nothing else ever can. As a Christian, I’ve come to understand that music is very important and powerful. The bible describes how Angels sing praises to God all day long. How it is a trumpet that will announce the coming of our Lord when he returns. In 1 Samuel 16,the Word tells of how Saul is tormented by a evil spirit and it is David and his lyre that gives him relief.

Music has the ability to alter moods and inspire thoughts. This is why it is so important to be very careful of the music you listen to. It can stir in you thinks you never aspired to think or even do. What ever is in you many times is what you gravitate towards. So, what is the music within you?

I use to listen to a lot of music about broken relationships, being cheated on and about sex. The beats were rocking but after a while they left me feeling broken and empty. My actual relationships started to reflect the songs. My life started to really mirror the drama of the music and even shows I watched.  (I don’t watch much TV anymore) As my faith grew stronger and I began to learn and understand more about my spiritual being, I started to search and listen to more filling music. The video below on YouTube was one of the first videos I stumbled upon. This song literally filled me with the spirit of God. I mean for one its a video and two it was recorded a while ago, but the spirit still moves from it. Now that is how powerful music is and should be used, for the glory of God. I pray you all enjoy and are filled with the presence of God from it.

Love Ya to Peace,


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