Praise Is What I (Must) Do



I vow to praise You
Through the good and the bad.
I’ll praise You,
Whether happy or sad.
I’ll praise You

-William Murphy

For the past month or so I have been just completely downcast. My spirit has been heavy and troubled. Its been a struggle for me to pray and read to the Word. I’ve been so distracted and in turn I’ve been angry and upset a lot. I’ve complained more than thanking God. Today, I decided I have to get back on track. I am in the middle of the wilderness and I feel lost. The best and quickest way I know I get Gods attention is not by complaining and screaming, its not even by crying out to him. It is by praising and worshiping in the midst of all that surrounds me. Throughout the day, I just would say thank you to God. Thank you for waking me up. Thank you God for my job. Thank you for protection over my family. Thank you for traveling mercies. Just Thank you for loving a sinner like me, God.

It got me thinking about life. I see it as this: We are a bunch of hungry and tired people, carrying around unnecessary weight. All of us are standing outside of God’s restaurant. The doors are wide open with a “Eat Free and Rest” sign on the front. However, for some reason, we all choose to stand in the window and look inside. We choose to stand outside in the window and watch other people eat and be filled up- their cups overflow and then there are free refills available. God himself says  to come in! He sends his only son Jesus to come and get us and to carry our weight for us. Yet still we refuse. Now, does that make sense to you?? Heck, on free pancake day at IHOP  everyone and their momma is ready and waiting. Why are we not doing the same for God? People post about it. The text and remind each other about the day. But God’s rest is available 24/7 365. All he wants in return in your praise and your obedience. Even then, the obedience is for your own benefit. Obedience brings forth blessings.

It is the easy thing ever to complain. But it takes so much energy from you, not even the thing your complaining about. So instead of complaining about a boomerang situation like my ex, I will praise God in advance for whatever it is he has planned. I know it is for my good and to prosper me. Instead of worrying about a job, I’ll sing glory to God for the blessings he has given to my friends.  See the beauty about God blessing the people around is; that means God is in your area. So instead of being jealous and envious, make room in your heart and your life to receive what God has for you. 

Ya’ll know that Psalm 23 has been my meditation scripture for weeks know. and Psalms 23:4 “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me. Your rod and your safe they comfort me. So through any and all situations that present itself remember that God is with us. Its okay to feel sad and cry, be upset etc. But we cannot stay there. We cannot linger in the valley.  We have to walk through it. I pray this message helps someone. Pray without ceasing loves!

Love Ya to Peace,

Faith. Loves.

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