C’mon God… REALLY??!?!!??

I've been with my ex again. I know, I know. Don't stone me just yet.  No, not intimately Thank God! I will keep my vow of purity until whenever God tells me otherwise. I say that because. I'm convinced now more than ever that I will probably be single forever. I mean let's think about this,... Continue Reading →

The Curvy Con

Hey Hey Hey! This weekend I had the pleasure of attending The Curvy Con hosted by Chastity of GarnerStyle in NYC. It was my first official fashion event as Christian Fashionista. I will say it was a blast and very interesting. I arrived a little after the doors opened and it was packed. The venue... Continue Reading →

Fear of Trust

I have trust issues. More importantly, I find myself struggling to trust God. I know that God is creator of all. I know that he is all powerful and I've read, heard and even experienced his amazing miracles. But I just struggle with completely letting go. I have not given you the spirit of fear;... Continue Reading →

The Music Within

Something unknown about me is that I am very musical. Unfortunately, I can't play an instrument myself (i'm working on that) but God has blessed me with a beautiful voice. I totally mean that in a non vain way. Music has always been my first love. It connects me to things and people in a way that... Continue Reading →

Thick Chicks

I am so exciting to attend #TheCurvyCon this weekend in NYC! So in preparation for it, I've been looking up some cute outfits for my thick chick sisters! Of course, we want to look like DaBomb.com but still leave much to the imagination. By the way, does anyone else have a hard time shopping for... Continue Reading →

Bermuda Girl Series

Hey Fashionista! So its getting pretty warm around here! Time to break out the shorts and dresses for the Summer. However, I'm not really a fan of shorts. See, I have like ridiculously large thighs and it doesn't look very modest.  So for me, I go with Bermuda shorts. No, not the ones mom use... Continue Reading →

Praise Is What I (Must) Do

    I vow to praise You Through the good and the bad. I'll praise You, Whether happy or sad. I'll praise You -William Murphy For the past month or so I have been just completely downcast. My spirit has been heavy and troubled. Its been a struggle for me to pray and read to... Continue Reading →

99% Faith

My morning drives are my special time with God. The 40 to 45 mins I have are uninterrupted and it is just me and God. I have been struggling with one particular area of my life which lead me to question; Why do I trust God with every area of my life except for love? Is... Continue Reading →

Hello Fashionistas!!!!

You Guys!! I am so excited to be on a new platform. Now I can share a lot more fun things with you all. I've gotten suggestions on some video chats and I also can do more music reviews and I can actually upload some FASHION lol. This is going to be AWESOME!! Sidenote: We... Continue Reading →

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